We Deliver Positive Change Through Finance 

We provide high-quality advisory services to help clients develop strategies for inclusive impact investing. As seasoned practitioners, we find solutions for clients that are strategically sound and realistically actionable.

What We Do

Create healthy ecosystems for entrepreneurship to ensure SGBs are at the center of dynamic economic growth for everyone

Gather evidence to show that high performance teams must be equitable and diverse in investment decision making

Build structures that address systemic bias and use finance as a tool for social good

Value catalytic social and financial impact beyond counting outputs

We are a woman-owned consulting firm applying private sector financing approaches to solve traditional development challenges.

Who We Are

Our expertise lies in gender lens investing (GLI); structuring impact finance funds (debt and equity), investment vehicles and products; financial institution risk management; and impact investing advisory to help clients use finance as a tool for positive social change.

Athena Global has advised a multitude of donors, DFIs, NGOs, impact investors and various private sector clients on structuring investment vehicles, financial products and operating models to meet impact goals with a commercial orientation.

How We Get Results

Diversity & Inclusion

In our experience, diverse and inclusive teams (gender, race, ethnicity, experiences) tend to make better decisions in the long run, which extends to investment and business decisions. We work to build an evidence base to quantify and better understand this observation.

Investment Vehicles & Products

To create systemic change, we focus on using financial tools to create specific, positive change for sectors and populations typically under-represented or locked out of traditional financing.

Participatory Approach

Our goal is increased voice and agency for women. We use participatory approaches that include focusing on valuing equity in projects and create and nurture equitable partnerships in order to create win-win structures.

Gender Lens Investing (GLI)

The intentional act of making investment decisions and adopting processes and policies because it will have a positive effect on women, girls, or gender equity.

Financial Institution Risk Management

Our approach focuses on resilience, meaning we actively identify risks across a variety of spheres, and work to pro-actively mitigate those risks.

Small & Growing Businesses (SGB)

Our support services for small businesses and the organizations that fund SGB are founded in the notion that SGB are a huge driver of economic growth that are often misunderstood by banks. By providing appropriate products and services for this sector, we can catalyze a critial component to economic growth and resilience.

Gender As A Cross-cutting Initiative

Women are half the word’s population; therefore, we embed gender equity into our work across a variety of functional areas like climate, energy and agriculture.

Impact Investing Advisory To Use Finance As A Tool For Change

We focus on advancing commercially viable projects and investments to support narrowing the gap in access and utilization of financial services for vulnerable populations.

Our Partners and Clients

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