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About Us

We work at the nexus of social entreperpeurs and impact investors by narrowing the gap between innovative ideas and access to capital.

We strive to bring creative and positively disruptive solutions to those business, ideas, and products that have been left out of the traditional financing space.

How We Work

The Athena business model is intentionally lean, choosing to have a highly vetted roster of senior consultants used to build customized, competent, skill and region-specific teams for projects. We are selective about the projects and clients we support, choosing to focus on advancing commercially viable projects and investments to support narrowing the gap in access and utilization of financial services for vulnerable populations.

Athena Global is a US-based firm, with minimal US-presence. We endeavor to:

1. Staff projects with people and teams based in the geographies where we have projects, and form the markets where we work, as much as possible.

2. Capitalize and showcase talent in the markets we serve, minimizing fly in/fly out approaches.

3. Provide quality for our clients by leveraging global expertise adapted to the local context.